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One of the great new features on the iPhone 4S is the launch of Siri, the voice activation function which allows users to send text messages, call people and schedule meetings using their voice. iPhone 4S users can literally talk to their device and make it perform various tasks which previously needed activation through the phone's touch screen.

siri for iphone 3gs

While iPhone 4S users are enjoying this wonderful new technology, iPhone 4 users are wondering if they can get their phones also to work using Siri. There has been a lot of discussion online whether Siri for iPhone 4 can ever be implemented.

Some hackers have claimed that they were able to port Siri to an iPhone 4. They had installed Siri and some of its Springboard files to an iPhone 4 and got the Siri port started up. However, they found that performance was not up to the mark. Siri apparently requires a special GPU driver which sadly is not present on the iPhone 4.

Many have also complained that Apple seems to want iPhone 4 users to not be able to use Siri, so that they would ultimately be forced to upgrade to an iPhone 4S. They base their claim on the fact that Apple does not authenticate voice commands sent to its servers from iPhone 4 devices using Siri.

Most technologists are of the opinion that Siri is just an App and not really a new technology. It is basically a software that can run on a variety of different devices as long as the devices can support it. They believe that it should not be extremely difficult for Siri to work on the iPhone 4 instead of requiring a totally upgraded phone like the 4S. Most of them are disgusted with the idea that Apple seems to have made Siri to work only on the 4S just to make more sales.

It is estimated that Apple sold a million iPhone 4S devices on the very first day of its launch. Another 4 million phones were reportedly sold over that first weekend. A large percentage of buyers would have bought the 4S just for the voice activation functions available through Siri. A lot of critiques feel that if those same functions were made available on the iPhone 4, Apple might not have seen such phenomenal sales of the 4S.

Only time will tell if Siri for iPhone 4 will become a reality in the future. Since Siri is only an App, it should be possible to port it to a similar platform with slightly lesser capabilities. Until then, Siri for iPhone 4 will probably be just a dream for many iPhone 4 users.

Siri for iphone 4


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